Knife Fighting Concept


Our mission is to promote and share SAMI Knife Fighting Concept around the world with the highest possible standards for quality and technical level. Our organization is currently represented in over 50 countries. We offer exceptionally well structured training programs for people who would wish to develop a background and in-depth knowledge in knife fighting martial arts. Our instructors have to complete a thorough training consisting of technical expertise, skill training and didactics of knife fighting coursework. Our Motto is: “Good is not good enough!

The beauty of handling a knife

The art of knife-fighting encompasses a wide range of techniques, strategies, and philosophies derived from diverse cultural backgrounds and martial arts disciplines. The practice requires masterful skill, agility, and mental acuity to effectively defend and attack with a knife in close combat. While it is a dangerous and potentially deadly martial art, knife fighting is also valued for its finesse, grace, and the deep-rooted cultural significance it holds in various communities around the world. As a result, the art of knife fighting is a captivating and diverse component of the martial arts that showcases the extraordinary capabilities of human skill and ingenuity.

Master the blade

SAMI-X Knife is a martial art that embraces the rich history and beauty of this weapon while also incorporating actionable defense against all types of cutting and stabbing weapons. This makes SAMI-X Knife a martial art rather than a fighting system with the beauty of the movements, the coolness of the drawing and the handling of the weapon. However, the skill, prudence and self-awareness that you learn in the process of training will also be an advantage for your defensive abilities.